yiwu “never shipped a empty”, central European trains “full” back and forth

On April 29, this year the first train from London to yiwu central trains carrying 32 container of milk powder, infant supplies and electronic products “made in Europe”, such as the end of the 19 days, more than 12000 kilometers of the journey, arrive yiwu smoothly.

This is the second return route of the “new European” after the Madrid and yiwu ban.

“The advantages of railway transportation are obvious, and it can save 20 to 30 percent of the cost compared to air freight, which can shorten 15 to 20 days compared to shipping.” China-eu trains yiwu operators TianMeng industrial investment co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “TianMeng industrial”) chairman Feng Xubin told the first financial reporter, from November 18, 2014 the first trip to “new” central Europe trains (yiwu – Madrid) since the opening, as the trains gradually mature, and running speed of trains running time to achieve stability, has reached the requirements of foreign logistics providers.

On April 10th, the china-europe line of the city of yiwu set off from Britain, carrying all kinds of goods to return home.

The “new Europe” transport the added value of products is more and more high, the customer also by more than 90% of the original subject is Chinese enterprises, is now more than 45% of the foreign customers. Currently, the “new European” has a fixed contract with the world’s top 500 companies and some prominent European manufacturers.

Yiwu city and port administration, deputy director of land port affairs more loyal, told reporters in Madrid, the London it would come over the cargo a little more, and more suitable for the sale of our products “. Most of the goods from Madrid are concentrated in red wine, olive oil, bubbling water and some products such as agricultural products. “The UK is a major importer of yiwu trade and their products are more sophisticated and are more acceptable to Chinese consumers.”

“In the future as YiYongZhou open channel to ningbo free trade zone and yiwu international trade comprehensive reform pilot area policy overlay, yiwu international trade will further do work.” Gold more loyal told the first financial journalist, yiwu as a meeting point will realize completely in the service of “area” : west, righteousness all the way in the new European service in area “area”; To the east, the boat serves the “road” of One Belt And One Road, which extends the maritime silk road to the world through the sea.

The return train is a two-way street

On January 1 this year, the first trip to yiwu, London, arrived in London on January 18th, only two months after arriving on April 10th.

“It is very important for yiwu to be able to organize the return flight in such a short time.” Mr. King told reporters that many of the cities along the route did not return until after a year or two.

“National open central trains, railway international logistics the transportation mode has won the international market. At the same time, our own in yiwu operations – Madrid trains on this line in the process of accumulation of international logistics providers and international logistics company, also have some British customers return requirements.” In addition to benefiting from these two factors, feng told reporters, they also fully felt the positive support and response from the UK to One Belt And One Road.

According to feng, the UK itself is yiwu’s largest exporter in Europe, and the return of the London line is full of two-way trade.

The opening of the china-europe line (yiwu – London) and its implementation will be welcomed by the shippers.

“Currently in yiwu government or give new European trains some subsidies policy to develop the operation of trains, the owner of the goods to slightly higher than the price of shipping, you can enjoy the trains services.” Mr. King told reporters that the export of yiwu to Britain was larger, mainly by sea, and by air and rail. The opening of the class was a new option for the shipping lanes of yiwu. And after the statute of limitations has been raised by rail transit, clients have been able to turn their money around faster.

“The European region accounts for 60 per cent of our total import business and the UK accounts for 20 per cent of the European region.” Cross-border technology co., LTD. Hong Kong dolphin logistics manager ms song told reporters that this trip to London in return trains have their company from Europe purchase milk powder back and seat. Supply chain services, “we do is choose by air before, now the opening of the central European trains really realize the overall layout of our land, sea and air in the UK iron, enhances the ability of our supply chain.”

Ms song told reporters that they are through the righteous new European goods, because they company mainly doing B (BUSINESS) end customers, and customers are mainly concentrated in east China, at the same time, the company’s biggest bonded warehouse in hangzhou airport, in through righteousness new Europe after the goods arrived in yiwu, transfer to hangzhou, ningbo and other places is very convenient.

Will there be any other new return lines? Feng Xubin expressed, temporarily have no plan to open return line, because open return trains need to have local industry foundation support, they will certainly be in the running scheme of the cost into consideration. “There are countries in central Asia that don’t have a lot of manufacturing, and there is no return, so we don’t do it on the return trip.”

Gold more loyal told the first finance and economics, yiwu all trains out one hundred percent &heavy (i.e., the container has been shipped goods), is completely according to the market demand to determine; Return if there is no cargo, they shipped back by sea way or in the local at a discount to sell these containers, don’t pull the empty container back, because the cost is too high.

The “new European” starts from scratch

To open up the “yixin Europe” and the “new European”, it is the important carrier for the construction of “the world’s small commodities” and the international land-port city.

From November 18, 2014 “to” new “central Europe trains (yiwu – Madrid) since the opening,” new Europe “has been opened to central Asia, Madrid (Spain), Tehran (Iran), mazar-i-sharif (Afghanistan), chelyabinsk (Russia), add (Latvia), Minsk (belarus), London (UK) and so on eight direction of international freight trains, into opening international railway container transport line most populous city.

On November 5 last year, the first “yiu-riga” cargo line entered the central railway station.

By the end of April 2017, the “yixin Europe” had run 177 times, 13953 tests. In this case, there were 143 trips and 12,406 tests. The return flight was 34 times, 1547. In 2016, the class ran 101 times, 8178 boxes, up 283.6 percent year on year. From January to April 2017, the class was running 35 times, 3083 cases, up 113.8 percent year on year. At present, the city of yiu-madrid has been able to return to two columns a week and return one column a week.

Feng Xubin tells a reporter, at present in the central European trains running, they “new Europe” is the only one private mechanism operation and other central European trains are state-owned assets. And, from the beginning, they were all loaded, never carrying an empty box.

At the time, the company took three years to communicate and prepare for the operation.

Countries along the difficulty is not only to do communication, as a private company, TianMeng industrial bit by bit to persuade the railway, to convince the customs trust him. And yiwu didn’t have any infrastructure in the class, and everything was starting from scratch.

“In 2010, I put forward to the customs for the city, the railway, to make this thing, people think I’m a crazy, no one believe that can make it.” Feng Xubin sighs, “then we only have 3 years no income. The first period of customs supervision field of yiwu is our investment construction, which is the basis of open international trains, the customs are not in, you haven’t ability to do business.”

In the case of the company, the company gave up after two years and felt that it could not be done.

Today, the business of the “new European” is becoming more and more popular, and the added value of transportation is growing.

 we from the goods you are basically yiwu commodity and some department store these relatively low value-added goods.” According to feng, the quality of their customers is improving as the class matures. World 500 strong enterprises and some famous European manufacturers have become their fixed contractors, “every visit to trains they will use our channel to do some sourcing organization and the transportation of goods.”

We will open up the main channel of the “yiyongzhou”

In active participation in the construction of “area”, yiwu in addition to promote the national “new Europe” big platform construction, and actively participate in YiYongZhou open channel construction, strengthen cooperation with ningbo, zhoushan strategy, accelerate the righteous ningbo railway (Kim yong railway construction, the development of the iron transport, rail transport, multimodal transport, to create “Marine silk road” in the 21st century a new starting point, so as to ultimately achieve from “coastal inland” to “international land port city”.

Gold more loyal to tell a reporter, YiYongZhou open channel is mainly the yiwu market and ningbo zhoushan port connection open up, make the international trade transportation channel smooth, included in the customs supervision, inspection and quarantine can realize policy breakthrough, further facilitation.

The port of zhoushan in ningbo is the first port of the world’s freight forwarder. Kim believes that the effective link between yiwu and the port of zhoushan in ningbo will open the true maritime silk road of yiwu.

“In ningbo, yiwu to this paragraph, is currently the highway transportation primarily, gold yong railway is completed, is expected to achieve the railway transport is given priority to, and the railway will be China’s first railway double-deck container transportation, we in order to reduce logistics cost, realization of cluster development, transportation cost will be about 50% lower than now.” Mr Kim said the jinyong railway was officially open by the end of 2016.

Through YiYongZhou open channel, yiwu also can become the feeding port of the port of ningbo, zhoushan and station, the ningbo zhoushan port wharf part of the functionality of the offer to yiwu, so in yiwu can achieve the function of wharf extraction of return, yiwu can undertake some container surrounding provinces and cities, can deal with some procedures and functions of the terminal.

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