China and Europe are opening the world’s largest market for new asia-europe channels

Zhejiang province yiwu west railway station in central Europe trains (yiwu) as the starting point, since November 18, 2014 the first trip to central Europe trains (yiwu – Madrid) operation, china-eu trains (yiwu) with its supply to support strong, convenient customs clearance efficiency, wide range of products radiation etc, to yiwu small commodity trade set up for selling the global, global platform, opened a export Europe the safe, efficient and convenient new logistics channel.

Is located in the east China area of yiwu city, zhejiang province, is China’s largest small commodities export base, with more than 180 ten thousand kinds of commodities are sold to more than 200 countries and regions in the world, is the world’s largest small commodity distribution center, by the United Nations, the world bank and other international authoritative institutions identified as “the world’s largest market.

Before 2011, yiwu’s goods were exported abroad, only by sea and air. Shipping companies often miss the shipping date, the cost of air freight is expensive, the cost is too high, the foreign trade enterprise is troubled by many problems. Launched the “area” initiative, Shanghai railway bureau to open the high-level trains (yiwu) as the implementation of the construction of the “area”, an important measure to strengthen road, road enterprise coordination, safety management, strengthen the transport organization and trains operation frequency, capacity and scale, brand building momentum, showing a good development momentum.

At present, china-eu trains (yiwu) respectively to Europe in the direction of Madrid, Spain, Russia, belarus, Latvia, London, England, and the direction of five central Asian countries in Asia, Iran, Afghanistan, etc. 8 operating routes.

It is worth mentioning: central trains (yiwu – Madrid) starting from yiwu, the xinjiang ala shan kou port exit, via kazakhstan, Russia, belarus, Poland, Germany, France, finally arrived in Madrid, for more than 13000 kilometers, to become the world’s longest freight trains, but also become the Yangtze river delta region join one of the important logistics channel of European countries.

Jinhua cargo center yiwu XingXiaoBing sales department director of the China news agency reporters, after more than two years, China and the eu trains (yiwu) operation line increases from 1 to 8, operation frequency from the original “a stream is open, no flow is stop” in the start stage, development to the present a week two columns of normalized operation, has reached 33 arrive outside the country. Yiwu freight station railway international container transport has become a beautiful scenery in yiwu international land port.

Statistics show that since November 18, 2014 opening of china-eu trains (yiwu – Madrid), by the end of March 2017, china-eu trains run back and forth (yiwu) has 162 times, 12612 teus.

Today, central European trains (yiwu) offer the zhejiang, Shanghai, anhui, jiangsu, fujian, jiangxi and other provinces and cities sources, daily commodity, clothing, bags, hardware tools and electronic products and so on nearly 2000 kinds of commodities “made in China”. As china-eu trains convenient, fast and safe brand effect expands unceasingly, china-eu trains (yiwu) freight volume growth, stable growth of freight volume rendering development momentum

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