Japan: China needs to quadruple the number of railway logistics in China and Europe

The Chinese government plans to increase the amount of rail freight traffic in China and Europe to three times that of 2016 by 2020. Zhou woods, the supervisor of the china-europe class logistics enterprise and chongqing new Europe (chongqing) logistics co., was interviewed by the Japanese economic news. Central European trains original purpose is for personal computers and other products of export transport, will in future as “area” of the construction of the strategic important foundation and support for the work. (note: the interview was translated by Japanese.)

The central bank has run 1,800 columns in 2016. The national development and reform commission plans to increase the number of columns to 5,000 by 2020. Shu-lin zhou pointed out that in order to further increase the through put, is not only exports to Europe, China and the region development together with all the way along the country economy is also very necessary, will have the effect of economic growth.

Shu-lin zhou said: with the help of China’s investment in the area such as all the way along the route of kazakhstan in central Asia such as infrastructure construction is increasing, chongqing new European trains for the transport of construction materials. The growth in demand is also expected in cross-border e-commerce.

Along the national economy growing, through alibaba (122.93, 1.82, 1.46%) and other Chinese cross-border electricity purchasing consumer goods will increase, the condition of traffic from China will also increase. In the autumn of 2016, it teamed up with China post, the country’s largest logistics company, to start shipping goods to individuals in areas such as Europe.

In addition, European shipments to China are also increasing. At the start of the china-europe line in 2011, there was little demand from Europe. But in recent years, high-end cars and car parts made in Europe have begun shipping through the class. On the future, zhou said he was discussing shipping Russia and northern Europe. Speaking of cooperation with Japanese companies, zhou said Japanese companies have refrigerated logistics technology and want to cooperate. If it works with Japanese companies, it is expected to be used in seafood imports from northern Europe.

Zhou said that the first central European central bank (chongqing – Germany duisburg) was originally intended to export electronic products such as personal computers and printers. About a third of global personal computer produced in chongqing, most of the products by rail duisburg for exported to all over the world, supported by China’s economic growth in the IT industry.

The shift in the focus of ceibs as a “workshop of the world” means that the Chinese government put forward the “One Belt And One Road” strategy in 2013. Railway logistics are no longer the revitalization of chongqing IT industry tool, also began to yunnan coffee beans can be shipped to Europe, while supporting the hinterland economic development has played a role. In addition, exports of mechanical products, clothing and household goods are also increasing, with the proportion of IT products falling to about 50 per cent in 2016.

The company is based in chongqing, China, Germany, Russia, and kazakhstan’s railway and logistics companies.

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