With the music to promote The Belt and Road people connected to visit the president of the Central Conservatory of Music

“The Belt and Road, you and me, the size of the problem, face together, interoperability, helping hands.” Circle of friends burst by Lao friends creation singing “The Belt and Road” before burning. President Xi Jinping in the “The Belt and Road International Cooperation Forum keynote speech at the opening ceremony also             mentioned, will create a news cooperation alliance, Music Education Alliance and other cultural cooperation platform. The role of music to promote the people connected in “The Belt and Road” remarkable. The summit results list is also listed in particular: China’s Ministry of education and the establishment of Music Education Alliance along the country. The music in the “The Belt and Road” in the construction of what can play what role? How to tell a good story “The Belt and Road” with music? Guangming Daily reporter interviewed the day before the party secretary of Central Conservatory of Music Guo Shulan, Dean Yu Feng.
The construction of a “road” in “area of the” five links “, the people connected is the foundation, and an important way of people connected with music financing one’s mind.” Guo Shulan said, “Belt and Road Initiative” is a trade route, but also a cultural path. “Belt and Road Initiative along on the diversity of civilizations, cultural differences and misunderstandings will hinder cooperation in other areas. And the music can transcend national, cultural, geographical and historical, national culture can promote mutual learning, enhance mutual trust and respect for cultural identity, national prosperity, national prosperity and people’s happiness has a basic and leading role. It can be said that music is the bridge and link Chinese Unicom and The Belt and Road along the country’s.
“Belt and Road Initiative” along with hundreds of languages, but the music without translation is the language of the world, can build a bridge between different cultures and languages.” Yu Feng believes that music is a kind of common under the way of communication, spread fast, silent, straight from the heart, the hearts of the people, more easy to accept, can promote the people connected plays a unique role.
Wang Luobin, a famous composer, said, “the silk road is paved with music, and the most beautiful music can be heard on this ancient road.”.” The above two judgments are based largely on the study of the ancient Silk road. The ancient silk road not only includes business contacts, but also includes all aspects of human communication, such as music. Yu Feng introduction, dulcimer, pipa, suona and many other musical instruments are all along the ancient Silk Road into Chinese, many foreign music varieties have been absorbed into the China, and in Chinese roots and development. Especially in the Tang Dynasty, the 10 court banquet at Palace in the provisions, there are 7 sources in the western regions. The Chinese guzheng and other musical instruments were also spread out by the Silk Road and became the national music and cultural heritage in many countries. “The music of the cross-cultural communication can also be fully confirmed from Qiuci ancient Silk Road on the mural, a mural in Dunhuang.” Guo Shulan added.
In the new era “The Belt and Road” on the exchange of music, Guo Shulan said, “The Belt and Road along the country music is very rich in resources, unique culture, excellent music composer, a large number of folk music works are the resources and objects of our research, it is worth digging. Through the study on the music culture, and the research results of living heritage, and interactive, three-dimensional cooperation with countries along, create some reflect the people of all countries along the real life and hope for the best of the outstanding works, tells the story of the best good countries on the expression of “people’s Belt and Road Initiative along the profound sentiments of friendship with music, especially to attract young people.
Yu Feng believes that Chinese music has gained a foothold in the world stage. It is necessary to have confidence in Chinese music and to communicate with foreign countries. Both countries along the Chinese and national music exchange, communication Chinese culture, also want to learn to communicate in western music, with a high level to win the respect and promote the development of national art in the strategic high ground, to promote the Chinese and foreign people connected.
Two people both talked about writing the The Belt and Road “International Cooperation Forum” in the results list Belt and Road Initiative music education alliance. The alliance in early May of this year by the Central Conservatory of Music founded, attracted from Indonesia, Romania, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Estonia, Vietnam and other nearly 20 “The Belt and Road along the country music college presidents, scholars and Roca sound. According to reports, Central Conservatory of Music in the opening ceremony of the Music Education Alliance, the performance of these foreign musicians conquered, many people have proposed to carry out more exchanges and exchanges with Central Conservatory of Music teachers and other exchanges. At the same time, “The Belt and Road along the country’s music also makes people in the” voice from good to hear or see, looking for the history of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, “Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran five traditional music concert, a warm atmosphere, the participating staff Xing Zhi to improvise, breath for more than four hours of music.

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