Australia increasingly values “One Belt And One Road”

One Belt And One Road international cooperation peak BBS “held in Beijing in mid-may, australia-china” One Belt And One Road “industry cooperation center chief executive Dong Jin attended the peak BBS. Dong Jin in guangming daily reporter interview yesterday, said very honored to peak in the BBS site to listen to the opening ceremony of the jinping, chairman of the keynote speech, xi jinping, chairman from ancient civilizations in the world today, from the” region “major initiative when it comes to” area “construction achievements, many of us still ringing.

“The Australian government and business community to the peak BBS, attaches great importance to both the federal government and local governments, have sent out high level officials attend.” Dong Jin told reporters, “at present, all the way ‘ ‘area, many countries along the benefit from these Australia all see in the eye, they are very identity’ area ‘initiative all the way to global economic development prospective significance.” By taking the peak BBS, she says, she better understand and grasp the “area” in the future the development direction, at the end of the BBS to relevant information and cooperation opportunities back to Australia. As Australia’s research and extension of “area” initiative specialized agencies, the center of her will be held in Sydney, Melbourne and other five cities briefing sessions, strive to introduce to the Australian industry and the public the peak BBS, so that the Australian government departments and related industry to better understand the connotation of the “area”, the future can be more deeply involved in the related cooperation.

Dong jin said that in her early communication with the Australian government, her understanding of “One Belt And One Road” was limited. But over time, the Australian industry has become more interested in “One Belt And One Road”. Australian mining giant BHP billiton group, this year also formed a strategic research group, specialized in research all the way “area” initiative for global infrastructure construction, the influence of the energy industry development. From the initial ignorance and indifference to the research of the present, it reflects the growing importance of the Australian industry for the One Belt And One Road initiative.

Dong Jin said, pay attention to long-term growth, “One Belt And One Road” initiative to solve the problem of the sustainable development of the world’s most critical, especially in the current globalization under the background of increasing uncertainty, “One Belt And One Road” initiative can help China to strengthen cooperation with developed countries, also can bring well-being to developing countries. All the way from the current Australian companies in the “area” within the framework of the cooperation of successful cases, the partnership is not just limited to the Australian domestic, many Australian companies can use the platform and channel, “One Belt And One Road” play its technical advantages and service level, to participate in the “area” all the way along the country’s development.

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