“One Belt And One Road” will wake up the “sleepy market”, according to experts in the Balkans.

In the Balkans, experts have been discussing the results of the One Belt And One Road international cooperation peak

One Belt And One Road international cooperation peak BBS, “One Belt And One Road” is once again attracting the attention and heat of the Balkan countries. Some experts told reporters that “One Belt And One Road” is particularly good for the Balkan countries in Europe, which are very popular in the Balkans.

Serbia economists, miodrag vlahovic, President of the association of thought, “One Belt And One Road” initiative is the road of globalization, is also a contribution to human welfare. In particular, the current slowdown in global growth is beneficial for all relevant countries. The economy in the long run, to participate in the initiative will form depend on each other, is especially good for behind European countries is that they can to reduce the dependence on European investment in rich countries. In addition, the euro-zone countries will also benefit from the initiative, because as “area” all the way along the gap to fill the national infrastructure, the euro zone and its key trading partners of China’s trade contact will be more smooth and fast.

The One Belt And One Road project could help Serbia develop infrastructure, especially the main road and rail corridor, says Mr Frahovich. Without these two developments and improvements, the economy’s overall competitiveness cannot be improved. In addition, through investment and reconstruction of the existing industrial capacity, Chinese investors will against Serbia to realize industrialization strategy, achieve long-term comprehensive economic development to contribute. He is eager for Chinese companies to participate in more cooperation projects in Serbia and succeed.

Mitlovic, director of the centre for Asian and far east studies at Belgrade university in Serbia, is optimistic about the development of the One Belt And One Road initiative. , he thought, “One Belt And One Road” across Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Africa trade, transportation and energy, such as network together, can create more opportunities and promote global economic growth, the participants will enjoy a fair development opportunities. The One Belt And One Road initiative will create unprecedented investment opportunities to awaken markets that are sleeping.

PuLeiFu Nick, a former President of economic advisor, former Croatia at the country’s think-tank, vice President of “geopolitical economic BBS”, is a well-known Croatian China expert. She said, “One Belt And One Road” initiative driven not just economic cooperation, also is not just a simple traffic infrastructure construction, but also by including people-to-people and cultural exchanges, “five”, to construct a new Bridges of communication between China and Europe two civilization. She thinks, “One Belt And One Road” initiative and the European Union along demand for investment in infrastructure, so central conditional in the field of “area” initiative involved more and more cooperation achievements.

Mr Prevnik points out that Balkan countries welcome China’s “One Belt And One Road” initiative. China follows the principle of “non-interference” diplomatic never intervention in the Balkans and the eu’s internal affairs, the facts prove that China adhere to the policy in the region has a positive meaning.

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