With the function of USB products by customs inspection, in the United States who abuse the power

USB and DVD are patented, U.S. customs, if you check that there is no patent for such goods, you will be able to hold the goods and even destroy the goods.

In April, we sent an American express to the customer, and there was a light drive in the name of one of the goods.

The products are packed with USB and customers’ own brands, and the product itself is printed on DVD:

When the goods arrive in the United States, they are inspected by the customs and deemed to be infringement.

Customer thought the customs said the product is a brand of infringement, and provides the brand in the United States in accordance with the requirements of registration information and authorize us importers to handle matters relating to customs clearance:

However, the customs also insisted that the customer provide a license for the DVD and USB trademark holder (trademark holder), and if not, the goods would be destroyed.

In fact, products with USB features need to apply to the USB IP patent association to use the USB LOGO on their products.

The customer has four boxes of goods and three cases of light and other name mixing.

Now we are trying to communicate with UPS: if we can pick up the optical drive, the other goods are being cleared.

The UPS side requires the importer to pay another fee.

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