In early summer may, the world focused on the “One Belt And One Road” peak in Beijing

In early summer may, the world focused on Beijing, the “One Belt And One Road” international cooperation peak BBS. How will President xi jinping greet them with a number of foreign dignitaries in Beijing? In addition to formal activities and speeches, what “whisper” did they say?

Important speech at the national center for the meeting, the welcome party, the national grand theatre of the great hall of the people, a decisive yanqi lake, press conference released the results of… Xi jinping, chairman of the busy scene for days and more occasions speech, to the leaders and guests attending the meeting left a deep impression, the important influence in the international community.

In the firmament of the dragon, the boulevard is the one. All the world, all the people. The name of the Chinese people is only for the living, the wisdom of the region, the song of the song. Thousands of years ago, the ancient world!

“Put forward by the chairman of xi One Belt And One Road” initiative, drawing out of the economic globalization development, benefit the human blueprint, the positive response has been most countries in the world. Because “One Belt And One Road” to build a community of human destiny, benefit to participate in the national life, to promote the development of the economy, improve the level of human life has positive practical significance and of great historical significance. At the same time, the attack of “reverse globalization” was strongly struck. In a sense, the “One Belt And One Road” is the path of prosperity for the people of all countries, and it is a way for mankind to avoid war and lead to peace. President xi proposed that “One Belt And One Road” is a strategic vision. It is a great project. I wish the 514th summit a complete success for President xi thumb up.

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