From the empty box in central Europe to the future of One Belt And One Road

Central European trains in chongqing in 2011 was the first to make of chongqing new Europe, “area” hasn’t come up at the time, that’s because chongqing is located in the southwest of China, without the sea, and export to access into the coastal port city and then sea transportation, very inconvenient, chongqing to coastal ports and then by sea to Europe to 45 ~ 55 days, and chongqing new railway to Europe as long as 16 days, at least reduce the nearly 30 days, and rong to Europe only 13-14 days, rail in time because a lot of advantages, for many goods enough to replace the shipping cost advantage.

This is chongqing based on the actual situation of the sea is not convenient in the mainland, seeking truth from facts to come out of solution, the effect is very good, in fact, the current central trains more than 70% of the new European volumes are come from rong and chongqing.

Han xin ou, zheng xinou, the new European, even if, the mainland is not the sea, the new Europe, the yixin, the yong (ningbo) new Europe, the qing new Europe what the ghost? Tianjin, Qingdao, ningbo are ready-made coastal ports, yiwu is the edge in ningbo, this a few, big port cargo need not, with the door to the northwest railway?

Take, for example, ningbo beilun port by sea to Hamburg, Germany is 30 days, new European railway go to ningbo to Hamburg, Germany 18 days, less 12 days, but three times the shipping cost, so few are willing to pay for the customer, ningbo new Europe to central Asia, most of the goods to Europe accounted for very little, other x in eastern new the situation about the same, you think, so point, central Asia can buy how many goods? So, so much new x the freight together, than chongqing new uefa a fraction, the current central trains new Europe and more than 70% of the volume comes from chongqing rong o.

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