CCTV news broadcast on central European trains from QingBaiJiang rong’s quick iron was reported

Central European trains from four years ago in chengdu QingBaiJiang rong’s quick iron, now send two columns, return a list of a day on average, more than 1200 enterprises choose the fast iron as a mode of transportation of the products are exported to Europe.
Eu ambassador Shi Wei said that chengdu to rhodes rong’s fast iron is very early success stories, in the “area” initiative and polish related major activities have played an important role.

Qingbaijiang is frequently on CCTV
More and more people are familiar with it
The little friend must be proud of our qingbai river
Give us green and white river!
The development of qingbaijiang river
Development opportunities with the “One Belt And One Road” strategy
And it’s open with the rose iron
There is a connection

Chengdu is here, rhodes is there.
On April 26, 2013, central European trains (rong’s quick iron) in QingBaiJiang uttered a sound of historic, through the “silk road” of the land, chengdu and 9826 kilometers of lodz, Poland tightly together.
In the past four years, China has written the “One Belt And One Road” national strategy.
And the railway through the land passage with Europe, to sichuan and the distance of time and space of Europe from the port before the shipping more than 40 days to 11 to 14 days, a sharp rise in the sichuan in the structure of international trade competition advantage, with better attitude into the “area” all the way.
In the age of development, the company has developed a pair of wings, extending south towards the north. To the north, chengdu to Russia, and to the cis and other eastern European countries; South, through almaty to cover central Asia, through Istanbul to western and southern Europe, and through Pakistan to South Asia.
A long train has changed the layout of sichuan’s opening to the outside world. From then on, the sichuan west open channel is broken through, the pattern of all-round opening was established, sichuan is never border without western inland areas of the sea into the open frontier.

The long train, which has interacted, sent the “sichuan” to the European state, and made “ozhou” back to sichuan. Cars, wood, red wine, milk powder and pork are loaded in the carriages, which profoundly affect the lives of people in both places.
In the five years, the belarusian timber has entered the river
The custom line spans more than 8, 000 kilometers in 14 days
In 2017, the central bank of China (ceibs) opened its fifth year. At 5:30pm on May 20, a train loaded with 41 boards slowly pulled into the chengdu railway station.

These environmental protection plate from belarus, by “wood” by rong the fast trains arrived in chengdu, the arrival of the environmental protection plate by chengdu a furniture manufacturer. In the future, they will enter the ordinary people of sichuan.
This is the first flight from the northern line of the northern line to the north line. It is also a custom class. On May 6, local time, it set off from belarus, east, over 8, 000 kilometers, through the mouth of alyamaguchi, and reached chengdu in 14 days.
On March 1 this year, the first line of the first line, the northern line, chengdu to belarus, made a formal start. Train, 41 container loads of auto parts products, ala shan kou exit from xinjiang and kazakhstan, Russia, eventually to belarus Minsk geely factory.
Two months later, the same train was packed.


The first ceremony of the Chinese central European Central Line, the northern line of the northern part of the city of chengdu — belarus
At 4 p.m. on May 23, west China metropolis daily – covers news will be broadcast through the network, to take you to visit – “rong’s quick iron” railway marshalling station in chengdu, chengdu QingBaiJiang north marshalling station.
The chengdu beiding group, which opened on April 18, 2007, is 47 kilometers long and has hundreds of shares, the largest railway station in Asia at the time. It has not only compiled a large number of ultra-long-range direct freight trains, but also has been responsible for all the cargo trains that pass through the chengdu hub. From the aerial view, hundreds of lines of stock were lined up side by side, very spectacular, and the cargo of the fast iron was set in this group, which then sailed to Europe.
By downloading the cover news client, or paying attention to the official weibo account of huaxi metropolis daily, the friends will be able to experience the starting point of the company.

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