The smooth logistics channel continues to expand the “circle of friends”

With the “One Belt And One Road” strategy in full swing, convenient channels have led to an increasingly active economic exchanges and increased commercial cooperation. Especially rong’s quick iron formation of the channel, “open pattern, pattern, make the development zone is gradually expanding the opening to the outside of chengdu, expand the development space, the key to promote cooperation capacity carrier, for the city’s trade development, service promotion, industrial aggregation and undertake international transfer provides important support capacity, in the inland open cutting edge.

The layout of the overseas fast train is a three-line parallel pattern

On March 1, “the train service of the central China central bank in the northern route of chengdu to belarus” was held. Accompanied by a loud whistle, rong’s quick iron loaded with sets of geely auto parts and auto parts, from chengdu international railway port opened slowly, ala shan kou exit from xinjiang and kazakhstan, Russia, run 8866 kilometers, eventually to belarus Minsk, geely factory implements the factory from chengdu port to the whole chain of seamless docking. “Before we mainly adopts highway + shipping mode of transportation, transportation time need more than 40 days, now take rong the iron fast, only need to 12 days, reduces the cost, enhances the international market competitiveness.” “Said feng xuhong, vice President of geely automobile chengdu.

On April 26, 2013, central European trains carrying dream china-eu economic and trade development (rong’s quick iron) from our official start, according to the frequency of the weekly class on a regular basis to lodz, Poland, which opened a chengdu expand opening to the west channel, creating a new chapter of inland open economy much; On September 5, 2015, the European express, which is full of 41 containers, arrived in our region, completing the first flight of the “virgin show”. On October 12, 2015, on March 19, 2016 in nuremberg, Germany, the Netherlands tilburg site opened one after another, rong’s quick iron hub to Europe international market hinterland rapidly expand, and in 2016 achieved the dream of “everyday” class; In 2016, the opening of the first to complete the forms (chengdu to Istanbul) central trains test, marked the rong’s quick iron overseas radiation scope extended to central Asia, southern Europe…

Under this year’s plan, chengdu will make more than 1, 000 columns in the international line. Among them, the northern line (chengdu to Moscow, tomsk) has more than 150 columns; The Central Line (chengdu to rhodes, nuremberg, tilburg, Prague, milan) is more than 650 columns; The downtown (chengdu to almaty, Tehran, Istanbul) operation more than 200 columns, build up “is a main and auxiliary, more direct,” the international railway trains the network system.

“This year we will open the ala shan kou, huoerguos, manzhouli port such as rong fast iron out special railway lines, to ensure stable international trains two-way operation.” City ports and logistics Chen Zhongwei, director of the office, according to the northern line is also equipped with chengdu to tomsk in Russia, belarus, Minsk, and Lithuania site, operation custom trains, radius of goods covers the cis and eastern European countries. Is currently do related preparation work for the returning trains operation northern, eastern European golden dragon fish oil is expected to be the first on return on trains, as well as many big enterprises brand also in negotiations.

In addition, the south line is also ready, and this year’s public class will be in the market this year, after the test flight line from chengdu to Istanbul has been run smoothly since last September. Chen Zhongwei said, from the point of current overseas market demand, inundated with trains company, talking about many overseas clients package into rong, is expected to rong’s quick return and iron to Cheng Kaihang amount will be balance.

The practice of reducing the multimodal transport of the two countries has paid off

In June last year, the chengdu international railway port container multimodal transport iron and water demonstration project “successfully approved, will be the first one of the demonstrative project of 16 nations multimodal transport.

Chengdu international land port operation co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “land port company”) is the demonstration project implementation of the enterprise, the company relies on rong the logistics channel, southwest area and radiation of southeast coastal transport of goods channel, three logistics channel of the Yangtze river shipping channel building in the province, domestic and international sales network. The construction of eight “rongoru”, which is centered in chengdu as the center of the city, is an extension of the multimodal transport channel.

On 2 October last year, a carrying Uruguay frozen meat train arrived at chengdu international railway port, this is the first time domestic import frozen meat by railway transportation in inland port customs clearance. This batch of frozen meat originated from Uruguay and arrived in ningbo by sea, from the port of beilun of ningbo and the extension of “rongou” to the chengdu international railway port. We have learned, in this journey, land port company to develop the products for refrigerated container transportation, railway NBX type refrigerator cars using this new technique, has frozen meat can be landed by the ningbo port, Uruguay imports by rail directly arrived in chengdu, logistics road transport cost was reduced by 30%.

In addition, the land port company also developed a double container loading car technology, through the public rail transport way solve the problem of chengdu area outbound car, has implemented a single container loading 4 car, in the town of residences to tianjin west gate on a line to carry out the start-up, commissioning is expected to reach 20000 vehicles this year car traffic. “In order to better adapt to the development of container multimodal transport, the next step, we will work with railway, the residences freight station line 13, 14 transformation for container line, and increase the greater curvature depot container to handle function.” “Said gao honghao, deputy general manager at port.

Goods and vehicles, ships, the timely delivery of information, is to realize the important guarantee of multimodal transport, multimodal transport efficiency, through the construction of information platform, the development of our break the information island, push the freight information sharing. On the basis of this, the new model of multi-modal transport single card exchange is explored in the related transport enterprises and modes of transport, and the “one system” single card system is established.

On April 6, the Dutch OOSTMANNGROEPB. V company by tilburg rong’s quick iron to chengdu, two cars, and receiving is rong’s source of supply chain management co., LTD., multimodal transport bill of lading is adopted for the first time as a real right pledge, the method of payment of l/c. In other words, from the time of the departure of the goods, the company will be able to apply to the bank of China for negotiation in the bank of China, the bank of China, and the collection cycle will be about 20 days in advance. This is domestic first list for central trains multimodal transport bill of lading, heralding the china-eu trains (rong’s fast rail) to deal with the problem of railway transportation vouchers property rights took the first step in the innovation.

Make a big “friends circle” in chengdu.

“During the Chinese Spring Festival this year, I went back to rhodes, thought that at least 2020 years to build a good method of rhodes brize (Fabryczna) railway station, had already built.” As a native of rhodes, Poland, the consul general of the polish consulate general in chengdu, qasha, has been pleasantly surprised by the change in his hometown. She said the time for rhodes to arrive in Warsaw, the capital of rhodes, would be greatly reduced by the time the railway station was opened.

Rhodes’s development has been linked to the development of the ceibs. The first train was made in 2013, and rhodes was chosen as the first European destination. In 2015, the company made its first return trip. Then, capital began to accelerate the gathering of rhodes, not only to build the railway station in the shortest time, but also to make rhodes the first roundabout road. “It has made rhodes a new development.” “Said kasha excitedly.

To spread the map of the world, lodz is located in the center of Europe, connecting the “midline” to the railway logistics network in Western Europe. Today, it has been extended to tilburg, the Netherlands, and nuremberg, Germany, to extend the “tentacles” of the unicom world to the whole of Europe.

The development of the friendly relations between chengdu and rhodes has been almost parallel to the development of the company. As early as 2013, rhodes was a friendly and cooperative city with chengdu. In 2015, the relationship was upgraded to a friendly city. Now, two cities have set up offices, and business centres are in the pipeline. In February, the President of the polish people’s party, kamesh, visited chengdu. It is also the first major foreign delegation to visit chengdu this year.

In fact, like rhodes, there are many more cities to establish friendly relationships with chengdu. As of now, there are 33 international friendly cities in chengdu. Among them, up to 15 cities signed with chengdu after the launch of the company, nearly half the total. The steady release of the “One Belt And One Road” strategic dividend has accelerated the expansion of the “friends circle” in chengdu.

In addition, the convenience of the logistics channel has attracted the rapid transfer of high-tech industries from the east coast to chengdu, and now there are 268 cities in the world. The development of trade and industry has been feeding channels and logistics. At present, chengdu has signed the logistics scheme and production capacity transfer agreement with TCL, Dell and chengfei group. By the end of 2018, there will be a two-way stable development between chengdu and more than 10 key cities in the country, and more than 10 European ends.

A city’s horizons are wide and its pattern is large. How far a city can go depends on whether its channels are open. Opening up is the “big game” of the past and the “vanguard” of future development. Our district has been able to improve the logistics channel, strengthen the urban function, and help chengdu to develop in a comprehensive and open pattern.

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