The sichuan auto industry hurtling through One Belt And One Road.

The logistics cost is lower and the international cooperation is more smooth

Morning of May 16, longquanyi district of chengdu motor city avenue, sichuan daily reporter witnessed the scene like this: in the absence of any body camouflage, SUV car from dpca factory in chengdu, a dongfeng Peugeot 5008 and two dongfeng Citroen winner C5AIRCROSS formation, including a car without a side car fast or so off in a row, the reliability of the test vehicle.

Is focused on the upcoming dongfeng Peugeot 5008 models, the rear axle cross beam has been imported from France by sea or by air, May 13, with 150 pieces of dongfeng Peugeot 5008 rear axle crossbeam of container through the china-eu trains (rong’s quick iron) arrived at the factory, and this is dpca chengdu plant of central railway logistics new channels for the first time to try.” May 19, wu zheng, party secretary of the chengdu plant of shenlong, told reporters.

Under the “area” initiative, the auto industry in our province to seize opportunities, rong ou ride fast iron “going out”, “introducing” westwards, is accelerating to develop the Middle East, central Asia, eastern Europe and other markets.

Shenlong company chengdu factory first tasted “sugar head”

What did the dragon company do for the first time? Wu Zheng said: “the dpca joint longquanyi district of chengdu logistics management services, the French PSAVESOUL delivery center, cosco shipping companies set up a special transportation team, all the way through meetings decided to try out the ‘neighbourhood’ initiative endeavoring to promote rong’s quick iron, and confirm the specific transport plan, transport cycle, container number, customs clearance, etc.” The first batch of imported car parts was allowed to sit in the “VIP car”.

When it comes to break the conventional dpca chengdu factory logistics mode of rong’s quick iron, Wu Zheng said that as a global strategy models, production of dpca in chengdu new mid-size SUV products of dongfeng Citroen winner C5AIRCROSS world debut this year. In the future, it will not be ruled out that the main artery will be sold to Europe and sold to the world.

As dpca “much starker choices-and graver consequences-in” main battlefield, chengdu factory strives to vehicle production reached more than 120000 vehicles this year, annual output value of nearly 30 billion yuan, efficient supply chain logistics will be the important guarantee of increasing production speed. According to dpca has introduced, firm grasp “area”, a high starting point plan, high-standard construction is completed and put into production, the high speed of the chengdu plant of dongfeng group and intelligent level of the highest in the PSA group factory, establish open car industry tourism projects in the future.

Trials of parallel import cars accelerated

We are speeding up the trial of parallel import cars. As the first of our province, the second car in the interior of the west of the country is imported, and in January and April, the chengdu railway port opened 133 tickets, and the value of the goods was 35.85 million yuan. Imports of 104 vehicles, valued at $113,42,000.

On May 18, sichuan first comprehensive platform parallel imports – chengdu (sichuan) free trade area China QingBaiJiang railway port area commissioning parallel import automobile trade show center. Before this, chengdu and xing, chengdu wide Long Guoji dealership, sichuan seven tiger line parallel imports more than 10 sichuan local sales companies such as collective signing in the center.

“Center to provide sales platform for parallel import car sales business, we are in charge of management. Transport from abroad to domestic, we provide including overseas purchase transport, new car sales, finance, insurance, customs clearance, rectification and registration, after-sales service, parallel imports of whole car industry chain system services, in the middle of June will be held on the railway port first parallel import auto show.” Chen xing, deputy general manager of chengdu free trade supply chain services co., LTD.

“Previous local dealer from tianjin, Shanghai, dalian, guangzhou and other parallel port imported cars, take at least a month. Now only 12 days to 16 days, parallel imports from the European car can by rong the fast trains arrived in chengdu.” Chen Xing said, let the dealer’s profit increased by of railway transportation, to a certain extent reduce the risk of exchange rate, market factors change, at the same time, consumers also have one more cars to choose from.

“Sichuan made” went out to the market

Under the “area” initiative, chengdu new road bridge machinery co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the newly built company) was the first to take root in China, belarus is the most important economic and trade cooperation between the two countries white industrial park project. “We are working with the BKM plant in belarus to develop a new capacity of 18 meters of new capacity city buses, which are powered by new supercapacitors.” Newly built company general department minister hu yong quan said: “charging 5 to 8 minutes, 30 to 50 km range. Our super capacitor lithium battery has obvious advantages, compared to minus 30 degrees Celsius under the conditions of normal work, can adapt to belarus and its peripheral countries and regions climate environment.”

It’s not just belarus, the new company is an overseas base, and it’s a huge market for the entire Eurasian economic union. “In order to adapt to the local development, newly built company specially using smart technology designed for Minsk airport line investment vehicle virtual orbit, vehicles in the case of no physical orbit can also be in accordance with the fixed line, formed the demonstration effect. In June, according to 18 m new format high-capacity city bus will formally in Minsk airport line running.”

As early as March 1, a large number of “sichuan made” geely suvnl-4 components made their way to belarus on the north line of the central European railway line in chengdu. In may, the model began a trial run. The latest news is that the auto assembly plant of the belarusian geely automobile co., which will be assembled in July, will be assembled in a fully dispersed manner.

Volvo’s chengdu plant is the brand’s first complete factory outside Europe and the first Chinese factory in Volvo. This year, the chengdu plant of Volvo cars will complete the renovation of the new SPA production structure. The new generation XC60 will be made domestically in chengdu and will go public within the year.

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