The Eurasia transportation network tells you how to select an overseas warehousing system

First, how to choose the overseas storage system?
(1) software technology
This is the first consideration, there are two kinds of Internet based and LAN based, unless there is no money, or two years later intends to change jobs, or absolutely do not choose LAN based.
(two) software company
This thing is really hard to say the software, so software or Microsoft Corp, customer service service is very important Its loopholes appeared one after another., so, of course, choose to software will choose a mature and stable, especially when the business single, if the software will be very headache problem. Software companies are dynamic, big and small. Otherwise, the development of the freight forwarding company, software company is not in, and after what problems, you can not get the necessary technical support.
(three) software function
Software functions as far as possible, from sales, operation documents, financial one-stop service, and even can include trailers, commodity inspection, customs declaration and so on.
(four) broad perspective
An agile response. This is a very important, each freight forwarding companies hope that their level of information industry leading software supplier, but does not update the function, even if the update is slow, will greatly affect the development of freight forwarding enterprise business.
(five) expenses


Buy the software itself need to purchase cost, the server also need to cost, some software based on LAN, and then claimed that they can also be used on the Internet at this time, will be put into VPN extra hardware cost, and each branch and offices should be put into service for the cost. The database legalization fees, for some big companies, there will be a database genuine pressure, different techniques for database access in different ways, the selection of software, can help you save hundreds of thousands or even millions of costs.
Two, outstanding overseas storage software should have functional points
(a). Customer management, price management, system management, order management, problem handling, invoice printing, Excel import and export, delivery tracking, prepaid fee, financial statistics, profit statements, database backup…
(two) security and stability of cloud service system platform, so that you can work anytime, anywhere, goods online tracking, financial statements at any time!
(three) the operation mode of front office website and back office system management is simple and fast to establish customer quotation, order management, financial statistics, improve efficiency and maximize company profit…
(four) secure and stable network cloud host!
(five) professional training engineer and customer service.
(six).API interface.
Shenzhen royal network technology RWMS electricity supplier warehousing system ( application and enterprise level third party third party e-commerce warehousing logistics service providers, using the Amazon FBA operating mode.
System appropriate storage type:
B2B/C cross-border electricity supplier warehousing, domestic electricity supplier warehousing, overseas electricity supplier warehousing, bonded, electricity providers, warehousing and other types of warehousing business.
RWMS storage system is the Royal technology for third party electric storage industry, combined with the characteristics of users, industry experts and IT team to work together for the third party logistics company business information management system developed a set of, help to improve the core competitiveness of the logistics company, process management, information management.
Business processes with flexibility to meet the multifaceted requirements of the international logistics market;
RWMS’s unique solutions help attract customers to third party logistics companies, and receive customer recognition and build long-term relationships with customers.
In the industry competition is fierce, have an excellent system, is a logistics business advantage lies in, expand the market sword!
At present, the system has been successfully applied to a number of third party cross-border electricity supplier logistics company.

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