What happens when calls are always turned down? How to be a Swiss marketing people!

Question 1: what happens when calls are always refused? A Swiss marketing people!
Xiao Li’s company is for foreign trade companies to do overseas search engine promotion services, telephone sales, and now, the foreign trade companies to promote the mode of understanding less, coupled with foreign trade prices, many companies do not want to do promotion.


Mary Li: I would like to come to visit you tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I would like to spend 5 minutes explaining our promotion model. Will you be convenient tomorrow or the day after tomorrow?”
The words of Xiao Li’s classmate are not good, and the client’s interests are not clear at all. There is no customer benefit in the operation. Why do people want to see you? If you press this version of the call, the success rate will not exceed 1%! All in all to do nothing, do not eat a variety of cold-shoulder treatment, a busy day, certainly scanty gains.
Improvement after surgery: Lee Hello, your peers, Shanghai is a company to cooperate with us, search engine promotion through overseas, they added 40% customers, I would like to take you 5 minutes to report their performance is to improve, look at your side if there is a new idea, perhaps what is a good reference, if the first half of your customers to add 30, is a good thing, oh, I do not know tomorrow I visit you free?
We see the language operation, first peer to stimulate peers, then tell each other, we will give customers what kind of commitment, can help customers 40% new customers, finally to customers to outline future cooperation scene, if the first half to 30 new customers, your performance in them.
Will the customer still hang up on us when we hear the call? There are a few interests, too. If you’re interested, you can do it for us. It’s a good situation for us to visit.

Question two: the phone was asked: “how do you know my phone?” How do I respond?
1: Lee ah, you are a great reputation in the industry, the phone who knows ah, so want to know you, with you to learn more.
Reference 2: Li Zong, you are very famous in the industry, I saw you on the internet.
Telemarketing is on the one hand, and now the Internet has penetrated all aspects of life, there are problems anytime, anywhere can search, so the network is also a good channel. If you are the child’s parents, want to find a child early education class, you may search: Shenzhen early childhood class which good? Shenzhen Luohu early education institutions for 3 year old children bilingual education class…… And you can, for those clients’ words of intent, advertise in customer infested channels.

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