G7 railway signed an agreement to deepen cooperation between China and Europe

China Railway Corporation was informed that in April 20th, China, Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Poland, Russia and other seven countries of the railway sector signed the “deepening cooperation agreement between China and Europe.”.
Based on the service “The Belt and Road” construction, in order to improve the agreement between Asia and Europe, the share of railway freight market driven along the country’s economic development and economic and trade cooperation as the goal, to create China EU trains international logistics brand, to central trains provide a mechanism to protect the deepening development.

The main contents of the agreement include:
First, we should promote the development of the railway infrastructure development plan, and build a large thoroughfare for China EU railway transportation, and jointly organize safe, smooth, fast, convenient and competitive Sino EU rail transportation;
The two is to strengthen the whole transport organization, speed up container operation, and adopt information technology to improve the travel speed of the classes in their respective countries;
Three is to promote service standards unified, unified information platform, the whole process of information tracking, the establishment of emergency reporting and cooperation mechanisms to ensure the safety of goods transportation;
The four is to strengthen the central trains marketing publicity, expand the train service area, transportation and logistics development of new products, promote cross-border electricity supplier of goods, international parcel, cold chain transportation development, promote China EU trains transport volume growth;
The five is to coordinate the national customs along the joint inspection department, simplified train cargo clearance procedures, optimization of railway port station operation, compression clearance;

Six, we will set up a joint working group and a group of experts working with the central and European Union in line transport, and promptly solve the problems during the course of the train transportation.
It is reported that the central European class since 2011 opening line, has opened a total of 3557 columns. At present, China has opened 27 cities in Central Europe, covering 21 provinces and municipalities, reaching 28 cities in 11 countries in europe.
The Ministry of transport spokesman Wu Chungeng in April 20th held a press conference that the Ministry of transport and actively participate in the “The Belt and Road” planning and construction mechanism, has been with the “The Belt and Road along the country signed more than 130 involving railways, highways and waterways, civil aviation, postal bilateral and regional transport agreement.
Wu Chungeng said, “to promote the implementation of The Belt and Road” initiative, transport interoperability is the foundation, is also the priority areas, currently in the railway, highway, waterway, civil aviation, postal and other areas have made positive progress. Our country has already passed 73 highway and waterway ports, and opened 356 international road passenger and freight transportation lines with the related countries. Maritime transport service has covered “The Belt and Road along all countries. With 43 countries along the line to achieve air direct flights, about 4200 flights a week. To carry out international rail transport cooperation, the “Central Europe class” has opened 39, reaching 10 countries, 15 cities. Pakistan Economic Corridor of the “big two” highway and Gwadar Port, port city and Colombo Harbour and Sri Lanka Hambantota port, Indonesia, the Kenya high speed rail Masakazu Mongolian railway, the Greek port of Piraeus, Lancang River – Mekong River international waterway regulation engineering, Sino Russian border bridge and other major transport infrastructure projects have been started or put into operation.

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