Central European trains (wuhan) for the first time transport to Hamburg, Germany 2000 pieces of cultural arts and crafts

On May 25 at 11 34 points, marshalling 50, full of wuhan and the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta region enterprise production of electronic components, clothing, daily necessities, electrical and mechanical products and cultural arts and crafts X8406/5 times the train from wuhan railway han west train operation depot wujiashan station security, run by the beijing-guangzhou route, from manchuria, sailing for Hamburg, Germany, this is the site operation of column central trains, 57, this year is also this week opened a third column central trains.

Han’s international logistics co., LTD., deputy party secretary, deputy general manager Xie Qi introduction, this trip to central trains have two 40 feet container carrying a culture company in hubei province in 2000 pieces of annatto furniture, incense burner, calligraphy and painting arts and crafts such as culture, take part in next month at the university of gottingen in Germany the traditional Chinese culture festival. This is the first time that cultural artifacts have travelled to Europe in the central European Union (wuhan).

It is understood that gottingen is one of the world’s most famous academic capitals, and also a very rich university town in Germany. The festival will hold the opening ceremony, academic seminars and charitable giving. The exhibition will promote the cultural exchanges between China and Germany, and better promote the culture of Chinese culture and culture.

Hubei province is a major cultural province, including provincial opera house and wuhan music college and other arts and arts schools, often to European shows. The group’s accompanying choreographed clocks, costumes and costumes, the piano, etc., have been difficult to “walk away” as a result of transportation problems.

The transport service of the central European central bank (wuhan) provides a better solution for cultural artifacts, music appliances, etc.


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