The China Railway Express has exceeded 4000 columns

China and Europe are on opposite sides of the One Belt And One Road. However, it is not obstructed by the Chinese and European countries. As of May 19, China and Europe had set up a total of 4,000 columns and 28 cities, reaching 29 cities in 11 countries. Central European trains on the silk road, carrying the “China dream”, in order to “dream world”, the speed of running to discuss, and sharing the golden age of central Europe

On May 22, at 10 am 38 points, container trains – X8428 train slowly out of the world biggest single port of shenzhen yantian port container throughput, train a road west, the xinjiang ala shan kou exit, via kazakhstan, Russia, drove in belarus capital Minsk city.

On shenzhen’s first trip to central railway freight trains, with the shenzhen customs supervision of 41 containers, nearly $8 million in total cost of the container, filled with the delivery time with the requirements of the electrical products, light industry and high-tech electronic products.

Over the years, the electronic products and light products made in shenzhen have been popular in Europe and the middle west region. As for the trade feature of shenzhen, the china-europe line from shenzhen is very targeted, and the goods are mainly commodities and high-tech products. Moreover, with the trains opening, shenzhen and the pearl river delta companies to make it easier to introduce the foreign advanced equipment, equipment, industrial raw materials, environmental protection equipment, such as booster in shenzhen and the pearl river delta region industrialization process.

Rail freight is the first to compete with shenzhen’s mature shipping. This time, the Chinese central bank of shenzhen will be able to save nearly one month for shipping in Europe. Commissioner of guangzhou railway group freight Zheng Shenggang said that shenzhen central trains, run of about 9900 km, the run time about 13 days, than Marine save three-fourths of time, the price is about one 5 of the air, can effectively save time, improve logistics efficiency.

According to zheng, the central European central bank has temporarily set up an export line for the first week of the week. After waiting for a large bay area of guangdong, steady supply of southeast Asia, timely increase trains frequency and return trains, plans to begin to implement two-way transportation in September, for a week two exports, a class of imports, and to extend the trains to Hamburg, Germany, etc from other European countries.

As the world’s third largest container ports, with the opening of the central European trains, shenzhen can effectively integrate the association of south-east Asian nations (asean), Taiwan and other regions shipping resources, take advantage of shenzhen port and rail, establish in shenzhen as an iron of land, sea and air cargo hub in Asia. Vice mayor of shenzhen Chen Biao said the china-eu trains will be in shenzhen and countries along the “silk road economic belt” together, is a new path of shenzhen industry development and expansion of foreign trade. CDB’s china-europe line is conducive to the advantage of shenzhen sea and air port, port city and foreign trade.

Connection “Marine silk road” in the 21st century the bridge and walk on the “silk road economic belt”, the angel of shenzhen central European trains to Minsk opens the big iron sea transport linkage mode, not only play the congenital advantage of the transit trade in our country, also full of guangdong, the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) goods and expectations “to discuss, and sharing”, across the Eurasian continental bridge, help countries to speed up the economic development, share the achievements of development and build towithstand, fate is linked together with the development of community.

Wuhan morning of May 25, from the third visit to central trains (wuhan) X8406/5 times, full of wuhan and Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta companies such as production of electronic components, beverage, food, machinery and electronic products, from wuhan railway bureau wujiashan the station, the manchurian exit to Hamburg, Germany. This year, the central European central bank (wuhan) has made 57 trips and 51 trips, with a total return of 51.5 per cent and 51.7 per cent respectively.

Wuhan in October 2012, from the first trip to wuhan to the Czech republic, central Europe trains –, by irregular operation, until now the normalized column dense originating, every Thursday until May 25 this year, china-eu trains (wuhan) is running back and forth 543 columns. At present, the wuhan central European trains running into Germany, France, Russia, belarus, Poland, the Czech republic in six countries of Hamburg, duisburg, Lyon, st. Petersburg, Minsk, rhodes, dolby Pal mining 7 station, etc. Along the way, there are 28 countries, covering 62 cities, and more than 100 international trade and logistics enterprises in the world are choosing to transport goods in the central Europe.

Wuhan railway freight marketing minister xiang tao introduced everywhere, from wuhan central European trains leave from the downtown through xinjiang, northern manchuria exit to Europe, is the domestic few have two fixed operation lines go through “ssangyong” of the city. With the development of wuhan iron, water and air transportation in an increasingly balanced way, there will be more room for growth.

The diversity of transport has increased the appeal of the central European class. Last year, the central European trains by wuhan to duisburg, launched a “private custom” cross-border railway freight services, and for the first time the cold chain technology, full use of cooler, in “the journey” to ensure the train after high temperature and extremely cold areas, always maintain constant temperature and humidity. Russia’s liquid milk and French bordeaux are flowing from the region to wuhan, opening the trans-national rail transit of liquid milk and wine.

The development of the china-europe line of the wuhan line is a strong promotion of international cultural exchanges. On September 11, 2015, central European trains (wuhan) one of the terminal duisburg, Germany, Europe will travel on a passenger train of the ruhr named “wuhan”, this is the German railway passenger trains for the first time on history and history of Europe named after foreign cities.

The central government of hubei and wuhan has given strong support to the development of the china-europe line in terms of policies and financial resources. In May 2016, the mayor of wuhan and the mayor of duisburg, Germany, unveiled the new hanou German company. In June of the same year, the china-europe trade and economic cooperation forum was held in the city of Brest, belarus.

On May 23, in zhengzhou railway union of the workers of the container terminal operation with four five or six storeys high gantry crane, the orange will be printed with zhengzhou international land port company logo container filled 43 railroad freight cars.

According to China railway, head of the union of container terminal, the container will be boarded the train from zhengzhou to Hamburg, Germany’s central trains, sailed west longitude ala shan kou port exit in xinjiang, need about 13 days, running time than by sea to save 25 days, save three-quarters cost by sea rather than air.

“When first opened or ‘have no back to’ loners, opened a year began on September 1, ‘do you come to me to the’ interaction. In may this year china-eu trains (zhengzhou) has achieved a week ‘to five to five’ normalized operation.” Guo xincheng, deputy general manager of zhengzhou international land and port, said that it will gradually increase the number of trips and return flights to ensure that more than 300 flights are due this year.

Guo xinnian USES the word to describe the central European class that has been returned to China every time. Central European trains (zhengzhou) go from beginning in August 2016, has eight months to keep full, return since December 2016 for four months to keep full, realize the two-way loaded with normalized operation. So far, the domestic export source has covered 23 provinces and cities in heilongjiang, south to guangzhou, west qinghai and east China. It also covers 47 countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Russia and France.

Recently, the zhengzhou international land port development and construction co., LTD and belarus grandmother milk cans co., LTD in belarus embassy in China strategic cooperation signing ceremony held in Beijing. According to the agreement, zhengzhou international port development and construction co., LTD will provide a service for the trans-border cold chain transportation of sterile milk for the belarusian grandmother milk canisters. Liquid milk from belarus will through the china-eu trains (zhengzhou) 45 feet container ark, through Russia, kazakhstan, the two countries go through nine days arrived in zhengzhou, traditional way sea land transportation operation needs at least 60 days.

Two thousand years ago, the camel team on the ancient silk road hobbled, opening the door to china-western trade. Two thousand years later, the steel dragon on the silk road roared, becoming a trade link between countries along the route. As the birthplace of the ancient silk road, zhengzhou has always played an important role in china-eu economic and trade cultural cooperation. The relevant person in charge of zhengzhou customs said that in the first quarter of this year, zhengzhou customs supervision total central trains (zhengzhou) 56 classes, the carrier container number 5102, 32800 tons of freight volume, value $314 million, respectively, year-on-year growth of 47%, 60%, 86%, 60%.

The central European central bank (zhengzhou) is focused on moving in and out of balance, stretching the trade links and opening the line more.

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