Hunan changsha to Budapest, Hungary, central trains start.

Beijing, changsha, May 27 (xinhua to peng Guojin wan) 15, 27, changsha (hunan) to Budapest (Hungary) “central trains” X8422 xia coagulation time train – changsha railway freight yard. It will travel 10,000 kilometers for 12 days and will eventually reach Budapest, Hungary, through Mongolia, Russia and Ukraine.

The trains carrying 41 container of electronic products, shoes, clothing, fiber optic cable, hardware, machinery parts, etc., is the “central trains” changsha to Budapest’s starting trains, from the guangzhou railway group, China railway container company, freight center and railway changsha “xiang ou express” platform company organization operation.

From changsha to Budapest, the “central Europe line” set out. To a peng perturbation

According to Chen hubin, director of the changsha freight center of guangzhou railway group, the first time of the CDB was a weekly one-way (exit) shipment, which is a weekly one. With the increase of the supply, we will increase the frequency and return of the line.

Hungarian located in the hinterland of the continent, the transportation is convenient, complete supporting facilities, known as the “European heart”, “central and eastern gate”, has now become the Asian countries, including China, important distribution center for logistics in Europe. Changsha to Budapest trains from current lines of Germany, belarus, Poland, on the transport distance and transport time is compressed, is expected to become the Central Line “star” in the trains.

At present, the “china-eu trains” (changsha) weekly operation to Hamburg, Germany, duisburg, Warsaw, Poland, belarus Minsk trains 3-4 times, total import and export goods dispatched more than 15000 teu, nearly 200 trains, total cargo weighs 350000 tons, the total value of more than $800 million; January to April shipments up 72.22% from a year earlier, in manchuria, ranked first in central European trains abroad, a joint fourth place among the national central export trains.

As “xiang ou express” zhongnan international land port center, chardonnay coagulation railway freight yard intensive phase ii project construction, hunan will form a garden a port at the end of 2017 the layout of the two port of four centers. The trains from changsha to Budapest, along with other trains running now, will form in changsha for “palm”, access to the European Union, Russia, central Asia, the Middle East, south of the five fingers fan structure.

Hunan’s “xiang ou express” has been successfully incorporated into central China trains unified brand management and the central trains construction development planning “, after more than two years of exploration development, has become the hunan optimization international logistics development pattern, the docking of the construction of the “area” important carrier

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