Lanzhou forms the three major international trade routes of central Asia, central Asia and South Asia

“Lanzhou has been formed in central Europe, central Asia, South Asia three big international trade channels. Among them, ‘no. Lanzhou central Asia international freight trains has dispatched 102 columns 102 cars, 103000 tons of export goods, $198 million; public rail transport freight trains’ number in lanzhou South Asia has shipped 10 295 car, exports more than 10000 tons of $88.5 million.” Wei li, director of the economic development bureau of lanzhou economic zone, recently told news.

Data diagram. On October 31, 2016, lanzhou international freight train international freight train was held in lanzhou international port area. Du Ping perturbation

Wei Li often say that lanzhou “lanzhou,” as the foundation, the China Europe international freight class to a railway crossings, 16 multimodal transport in the national demonstration project as the platform, with other opened at the China Europe international trains of provinces and cities and coastal port city build cooperation alliance, optimized and integrated organization, improve the efficiency of transportation, implement “joint characteristics of, set traps in lanzhou”.

“At the same time, also use has opened in lanzhou, lanzhou, ‘international freight trains to almaty, kazakhstan international freight channel and yinchuan to uzbekistan, tashkent international trains, integration of yiwu to Kabul, Afghanistan in central Asia trains and yiwu to trains of Tehran, Iran, gradually formed the radiation central Asian countries international trade routes in central Asia.” Wei Li often said.

Wei Li often also introduces, as a start to “lanzhou, lanzhou international harbor area will also rely on modern logistics, modern trade, export processing three leading industries, new energy materials, business information, information services, financial services, tourism culture five auxiliary industries, key construction of railway container, port, bonded functions, multimodal transport, the wisdom land port five core functions, as well as the three major channels of international trade and economic cooperation, the top ten industrial park (center).

“In addition, lanzhou international port area will strive for total output value of more than 100 billion yuan by 2020, and the total import and export trade will reach more than $15 billion.” Wei Li often said.

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