“YiXinOu” central Europe international freight trains, the train travel the longest in the history of trains

Yesterday (18 November) at 11 am, longest trip and travel in Chinese cities and countries, most overseas railway train in the most times, in yiwu. After 21 days, train loaded with bags, handicrafts, hardware tools, such as underwear “Christmas gift” from yiwu market will appear in major cities in Spain on the shelf.

[” the new European “is the first five)

As an important part of railway trains in central Europe, central Europe trains (yiwu – Madrid), will be the new silk road economic belt, from yiwu west railway station to Madrid, Spain, the 13052 km, the running time is about 21 days. Compared with other “ceibs”, the “new European” is the top five:

One is the longest transit line. The longest line in the central European line is the 1,2005km (1,200km) line, which is 1,200km long.

The second is through the country most. In addition to China, kazakhstan, Russia, belarus, Poland, Germany, also added in France, Spain, a total of eight countries, almost across the Eurasian continent.

Third, it is the most popular in the country. From zhejiang province, I passed through anhui, henan, shaanxi and gansu provinces, all six provinces (autonomous regions).

Fourth, the number of railway tracks has been most frequent. Other “central trains” in kazakhstan and Poland in twice, “new” central Europe trains (yiwu – Madrid) is subject to the border in France and Spain, Aaron for the third time in track.

Fifth, with the first batch of listed in the “central trains” sequence of chongqing, chengdu, zhengzhou, wuhan, suzhou, compared to the city of yiwu is the only one who opened the county-level cities of trains.

“New Europe, China has normal operation after chongqing han new Europe, new Europe, zheng rong, su the full five central Europe train, on July 1, righteous new formally incorporated into China railway corporation central Europe trains sequence.” A person in charge of Shanghai railway bureau. “, “in the near term, the china-europe line (yiu-madrid) is planning a one-month trip and trying to achieve the normal operation of the two Monday visits.” The first train in central Europe (yiu-madrid) has 41 trains carrying 82 standard container exports, over 550 meters long.

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