The three forces of “construction and management” led to the development of the qingbaijiang free trade area.

First, we will improve the road construction and improve the transportation network

Overall layout of large capacity, high quality comprehensive transport network, actively cooperate with provincial key project construction, accelerate the ChengLan railway construction, build three horizontal been five station network of railway hub; Complete old green solution, samsung road and transformation on Station Road, speed up the green road cross line interchange and wisdom road construction progress and improve the free trade area within a ring three horizontal seven longitudinal road network construction; We will optimize the adjustment plan for the high-speed, high-speed, G5 high-speed and high-speed design units of the ring, and build the five high-speed and high-speed road network of the free trade zone.

Second, we will manage the road and move forward with the development of the transportation sector

To reduce the business license of the enterprise in the park, provide an appointment to the foreign service function, and accept the examination and approval business. By the end of April, the whole freight business households 2968 households (including freight company 942, individual YunShuHu 2026), the total number of trucks, 4714 (including 287 sets of container trailer, other 659 units, a total of 659 sets of trailer trailer), total 47179.894 tons. Complete change into continous highway toll station advertising, with reference to other free trade area construction standard, of G108 and ChengQing expressway road traffic signs is reformed and road maintenance.

Third, we will improve public transport and improve service level

On May 2, the government of the railway port was officially opened, and the Q7 bus route of the railway port was optimized. We will launch 40 smart bus platforms and four bus stations to improve the level of public transport services.

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