The second shipment of meat imported from chengdu international railway port has been carried out

On May 7, 26.2 tons of imported pork arrived at the chengdu international railway port in qingbaijiang. This is the second time that chengdu international railway port has imported European high-quality meat products through international railway transportation.


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Finally, we will solve the food transit issue through the Eurasian food safety channel

Last year, chengdu international railway port first try first, has passed the china-eu trains (rong’s fast rail) and “rong o +” sea transportation in two ways to carry out the import meat business, become the country’s first international railway transportation way directly imported meat cities in Europe. However, the import of meat from the chengdu railway port has been unable to achieve normal operation due to the failure of eu agricultural products to pass through Russia for a long time.

Since 2016, the local government in conjunction with the entry and exit inspection and quarantine bureau in sichuan, chengdu international railway trains co., LTD., and other relevant departments on how to address central trains (rong’s fast rail) transport imported meat transit problems have held seminars and active docking the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine. By the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine led to countries such as Russia, belarus consultations to finally solve the problem of the central transit trains transport food, through Europe and Asia, food safe passage.

It is understood that the transport by trains company and customers to participate in all the way, the customer to belarus Russia to deal with the member states of the “Eurasian economic transit procedures”, the procedure is meat products through Russian / / kazakhstan and belarus must provide transit without the permission of the file, if no this file will not be able to enter the belarus. Before the trains arrived at the port, the customer in advance information pre-qualification, trains for the first time to do change and customs clearance formalities upon arrival, also ensure the success of transport.

On April 20, 2017, China, belarus, Germany, kazakhstan, Mongolia, Poland, Russia seven railway departments formally signed “about deepening china-eu trains cooperation agreement, this is the first time China’s railway and” neighbourhood “all the way along the main national railway signed cooperation agreement about central trains operation, marked the closer relationship with the major countries along the railway. The cooperation mechanism through the china-eu trains transport joint working group and expert working group to actively coordinate along the joint inspection, such as national customs, inspection and quarantine departments, simplify the trains the goods customs clearance formalities and customs clearance time compression, efficiently solve the problem of central trains transport transit, for the import of meat well quickly to rong international regional customs affairs, laid the solid foundation of JianWu cooperation.

One Belt And One Road international cooperation peak BBS will be held in Beijing on May 14-15. “With this batch of imported meat to rong, as an important node city along the central trains, we will actively response peak BBS” area “international cooperation activities, along the deepening and the European countries to conduct exchanges and cooperation at the same time, for the development of local industry and trade new transport security and power.” The head of the chengdu international railway port said.

The establishment of an alliance of imported meat enterprises to promote the rapid and sound development of the industry

According to the personage inside course of study, by importing meat products in Europe, central Europe trains than by sea can save transportation time about 45 days, compared to air, save transportation cost about 10000 yuan/ton, greatly reduces the enterprise logistics cost, improve the customs clearance efficiency of inland port imported meat and meat trade enterprise competitiveness.

Chengdu railway port imported meat specified port after approved and normalized operation, creates a perfect conditions for meat import and export trade, processed meat trade enterprise high attention to this. With chengdu international railway port by port service mechanism innovation, set up a port terminal operation service platform and multimodal transport public platform, the government take the lead to implement port purchasing service operation “zero fee”… It is the position of the railway port and the multi-modal transport channel, and many enterprises have taken to the international railway port in chengdu.

To vigorously develop the chengdu international railway port imported meat business, port economic prosperity, promoting port overall radiation scope and influence, March 30 this year, chengdu international railway port management committee to lead and set up by the animal husbandry and food co., LTD., chengdu 18 companies co-sponsored “chengdu international railway port imported meat enterprise alliance”, by means of development, the integration of all resources, realize the complementary advantages, promote healthy and rapid development of meat industry imports. Under the strong support of the entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau in sichuan, the alliance has registered 41 companies.

The establishment of a standardized and cold chain logistics system innovation service has helped to normalize the import of meat

In early October, chengdu international railway port imported beef, the Uruguay achieved through “rong o +” sea rail transport and trains in central Europe (rong’s fast rail) through two ways to carry out the meat import business, belong to the first in the country.

Chengdu international railway port relying on imported meat designated port and large cold chain in food market, standardization of the construction of cold chain logistics system, build the southwest import meat distribution base. Chengdu railway port imported meat specified port first built 1000 square meters of frozen (refrigeration), container yard, integration of chain inspection and storage facilities of 15000 square meters, storage capacity of 3000 tons; Has the special inspection area of 840 square meters, including cold chain inspection platform, sample room occupancy and quarantine treatment places such as technology, set up the entire video monitoring system, large X-ray container inspection system, case number, car number identification system, to guarantee each batch of imported meat inspection process can be monitored and back; Two vets and three professional inspection and quarantine personnel provide inspection and quarantine services for enterprises.

Next, chengdu international railway port for alliance enterprises with “price, one-stop” close integration of the entire supply chain services, and related financial support policies, fostering stronger local import agent enterprises; Innovation and ningbo, Shanghai and other nine coastal port of direct cooperation, to promote port supervision department to optimize the inspection mechanism and meat customs clearance integration, and effectively promote china-eu customs cooperation of countries along the trains, implementation and central Europe for importing meat transportation trains (rong’s fast rail) imported European meat train normalized operation. In 2017, the chengdu international railway port will fully rely on the strength of the meat alliance resources, carry out the bulk import business, and realize 10,000 tons of imported meat.

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