President is excited to the verge of article 11 of twitter, the chinese-made railway that boiling in this country

China road and bridge engineering co., LTD with Kenya 30 railway company in project handover ceremony held in the port city of Mombasa, Kenya, the opening of the money for the railway running and maintenance contracts signed. Railway in the cast is first USES the overseas “Chinese standard” comprehensive operation and maintenance of the international trunk railway lines, marks China’s railway equipment, production capacity to go out.

Made in China go abroad is not the first time, but all adopt the standard contract to build the infrastructure of China is the first time, to the country’s President, eagerly anticipated by his down to the ordinary people of the century railway, smooth opening of far-reaching significance. Behind the meaning, whose nerves will be touched by the full adoption of a century-old railway built by Chinese standards?

Vast continent is also poor, in the tide of world economic development, natural also can hit, the newborn should be the existence of the African reality, construction industry is also the first when one needs to solve, the key of the development of china-africa relations goes back to ancient times, shortly after the founding of our best assistance to Africa’s first railway, tanzania-zambia railway has had a huge impact, it is because of China’s selfless and sincere touches and affects the vast Africa, without any conditions attached and worried about China’s aid to African countries, subject to the influence of economic conditions, only to spend large sums of money to improve the livelihood of the people, nature also can’t from essentially giving China real returns, now with the development of world economic integration, finally let Africa will no longer be economic marginalization, has become a focus of attention of the world economic power into Africa is a long-term goal, not just infrastructure market, comprehensive development needs of diversified economy also impatient for foreign investment, thus improving the backward infrastructure, improve people’s livelihood conditions, with good faith and selflessness, China has been in Africa has a good reputation, many African infrastructure construction and it is not surprising.

In railway called century railway, because of its social value is immeasurable, and partly replacing a century ago by British colonists built railway, to borrow the words of Kenya’s President; This is a historic and proud moment, “not only for me, but for every Kenyan.” He points out that everyone is witnessing a journey of transformation and innovation.

Built completely use Chinese standard in railway is the first overseas, has the historical influence, which forms a connecting link between the preceding and its opening operation, attract is not simply the Kenyan people, Africa, or a more wait-and-see attitude of many developing countries. Commercial rivals, never lack of strength is important, but the competition is the purpose of the transparent, whether with other factors, and the right price is decide the core elements of success. Advertising is better than good.

China railway high-speed turning over the world, a large reserves of technical and financial contract to build the world any railway is no longer a problem, of course, the world’s capital markets with China is the power, is the trust, but also the resistance after all competition shall be, just have a big step in the process of competition and small step, run this distinction for their rivals, China also with respect, not only catch up with the opportunity to give rivals, lead is the priority of China towards the world in the future.

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