Yu zhengsheng chaired the consultation and consultation panel to discuss the development of One Belt And One Road

Political bureau of the CPC central committee, yu zhengsheng, chairman of the CPPCC national committee chaired a research consultation seminars in Beijing today, invited representatives of head part of the democratic parties and independents, promoting the construction of “neighbourhood” all the way around a deep consultation.

At the symposium, the chairman of the central committee of the people’s party of China, wan exiang, proposed to optimize the development of the northwest region and establish an open economic system. Chen, chairman of the vice-chairman of the central recommendations, deepen the connection with the policies of countries along the “area”, improve China’s soft power in the field of regional and global health governance and influence. Jiang zuojun, executive vice President of the CPC central committee, suggested that the role of non-governmental organizations and overseas Chinese in promoting cultural “going out” should be given full play. Lin wen-yi, President of the central committee of the Taiwan council, suggested that we should improve the development environment of cross-border e-commerce and build an open cooperation system and platform that integrates roads, seas and online. Independents on behalf of Mr Li suggested that, through the differentiation policy, innovative financing mechanisms and other power enterprises “going out”, promoting economic transformation and upgrading of our country.

During the symposium, the exchange was lively and the atmosphere was active, and yu zhengsheng discussed some of the problems. , he points out, “One Belt And One Road” construction, xi jinping, comrade, the core of the central committee of the communist party of China as a whole the domestic and international two overall situation, fix attention on implementing “two” one hundred goals and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation the Chinese dream, put forward the important strategy. Service all the way “area”, is an important political task of united front, democratic parties, the independents to strengthen “area” key project investigation and study, offer the output. Look to promote economic cooperation and cultural exchanges, and guide the conditional countries and regions along the private enterprises to participate in infrastructure construction, industrial investment, and international cooperation capacity, strengthen personnel exchanges and cultural exchange, a think-tank, speak well “China story”, “voice of China”, promote the hearts and minds are interlinked, win-win cooperation. All the way “to do” area national religious work in construction, support to strengthen the construction of port and infrastructure construction in national regions, play to the religion in the positive role of cultural exchange “area”. Sun chunlan attended the symposium.

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